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Don't Build The Shek Kwu Chau Mega-Incinerator

The Lantau Islands in Hong Kong are already a beautiful place to visit. They do not need to be destroyed by building an incinerator. In the Marine area next to Soko Islands, South Lantau, there is a endangered species called the finless porpoise. There are only 1000 left in the world and they may get wiped out by this incinerator. The other problem is that this incinerator is burning waste the old way when there is another way by transferring rubbish into reusable energy (electricity). That way requires a Plasma Arc. It is safer and much more environmentally friendly. The place where the incinerator might be built is a nesting area for green sea turtles; an endangered species that has only one nesting area left, the Soko Islands. The turtles may become extinct if the incinerator is built. The toxic waste that may drift down from incineration is dangerous and will damage sea floor and destroy the coral in the sea. Marine life that sucks in the poison will also die.

Please sign our petition and it really will make a difference.

Save the Seas!

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