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The Hon. Terry Mulder MP Minister of Transport,Victoria: STOP the threat of Hi-ViS clothing for motorbikes made compulsory.

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There is no documented evidence proving fluorescent vests/jackets improve motorbike rider safety,which is a push from Sgt Gore Victoria Police.

Here is a Sept 2011 submission by Victoria Police to the Victorian Govt.Page 12/13 on clothing, Victorian Police Report 7th Sept 2011 Recommendation 2:The minimum wearing of five high visability protective clothing items such as helmet,jacket,pants,gloves & boots manufactured to Australian safety standard madatory for all motorcycle riders & pillions.

Wearing Hi-Vis should be a personal choice, so please click 'n read the 30 year old case study below & decide for yourself:

Hi-vis head to foot gear doesn't make you more visable or safe even with flashing lights & a siren!    With the push for hi visibility motorcycle gear,I found this video disturbing.It show's that even with the brightest fluro motorbike clothing,flashing lights on a Police motorbike you're invisable.Fortunately this rider was lucky to survive the incident. We need to position ourselves better in traffic to avoid problems.I support protective clothing combined with the improved training of all riders & car drivers.

Remember a large % of car drivers do not see motorbikes or scooters in traffic regardless of what they wear,they only see a gap between the cars,hence the expressions Motorcyclist: 'But I saw them look straight at me' Car driver: 'Sorry mate I didn't see you' .....................................TOO late then isn't it? 


Over the period 1998-2008 the number of motorcycle/scooter registrations in Australia increased by 5.1% per year, yet our accident rate was kept down to 3.1% per year for the same period.14 years ago (1998) there were 300,000 motorbike riders, by 2008 (MRA figures) over 500,000 with a 60% fatality  reduction in 10 years. The rider volume continues to grow in 2012 with massive increases in motorbike & scooter registrations 709,288 on the 2012 census; the annual growth now is 7.0% with over 1.3 million licensed to ride on Australian roads ………We motorcyclists have statistically improved our safety,riders are reducing traffic congestion & fuel wastage,yet we're continually tabled as a problem!

We need to STOP this & give ourselves freedom of choice based on our own decisions.We vote Australia wide,we do have a voice,time we spoke louder! 

Regards, Angus Constable-Townsend

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