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Adolescent Mental Heath Needs Addressing

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My daughter is 15. And suffers from a long term Mental Illness. We have been involved with our local CAMHS service now for over 12 months with very little improvement, in fact our situation is worsening. We attend individual weekly sessions and she see’s a psychiatrist every 6 weeks for a meds review. In this whole time we have been ill informed and kept mostly in the dark about the care and treatment my daughter needs. We have not been given any helpful strategies to better assist her needs or to even better understand her condition, despite our numerous requests. My daughter self harms, she cuts deep into her wrists, has overdosed on medication and expresses often a desire of wanting to die. My daughter is actively suicidal. We have been admitted to ED at least 6 times this year with her clearly disclosing a want to die, yet she is sent home a few hours later with our local CAMHS service to follow up the next day. It seems to be a cycle that we are all to familiar with now, except with each presentation to the ED getting progressively worse. I have been reaching out and screaming for help, for more services to help us get through this, but we are constantly told that there is nothing more available to us. How is this so? There needs to be more intensive services, inpatient with the focus on getting better help not used as a holding bay until the suicidal thoughts go away, there needs to be more support for guardians and care givers, there needs to be more done in our community to assist the people with a Mental Illness, there needs to be more options then the useless ones currently in place. Without this I fear my daughter will die.

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