Accountability from Local Government in QLD

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Sooner or later, most people may encounter a matter of unethical imposition from a Local Government Authority and respective accountability of such councils is disregarded. I have had several such occasions imposed upon myself, simply as a matter of local governments being allocated considerable power(s), but respective accountability of unethical practices from local councils remain not facilitated. An account of the most recent example, is described below, wherein I am petitioning for a facilitation of local council accountability .....

After school pick-up from Saint Edward's school in Daisy Hill, QLD is very competitive. If parents wish to avoid imposing a considerably long walk in extreme heat, they are to park typically 45+ minutes early and wait. Half an hour early is too late. People drive in circles about John Paul Drive and Chatswood Road, with a second person retrieving young children. The queue entering the school is extensive and dangerous, blocking lanes of traffic in both directions on Chatswood Road. If young children are not picked-up within about half a minute from exiting the classroom, after school, they are taken to a waiting area adjacent to where cars pick-up, whereby children are required to sit on concrete within a narrow space, ingesting significant toxins from the large number of cars' exhaust fumes. This is the reason why people wait a very long time, before school ends. Parking at a bus stop on John Paul Drive is not allowed from 2:30PM in the afternoon, although there is never any bus(es) there until 3:30PM. Local Council are responsible for planning development, however, approved development and respective council provisions around this school zone imposes considerable stress. I had to pick-up a grade one child, and after driving in circles, finally found a spot that was safe, out of people's way, and not conflicting any road sign directives. However, officer Powers has taken advantage of this poor planning, policies and procedures and has imposed an $84-00 parking fine OFFENCE s 197(1) Stopping on a bicycle path, footpath, shared path, dividing strip or nature strip; 3:04PM Michael Lynagh Drive, Daisy Hill; instead of speaking to myself on this occasion, and instead of reporting to council, the obvious problematic scenario of retrieving children for after school pick-up, to facilitate an ethical remedy of this problem and its respective stressful consequences. Not only is the extreme hot climate a challenge for small children to walk, this is difficult for grandparents to cope walking considerable distances during hot summer afternoons. Stopping at that spot, on that occasion was literally the only option available to not impose any inconvenience to public, nor breach road signage.

That spot was literally the only safe stop within a one km walking distance that did not impose being in any person's way, nor conflicting traffic signage, yet Logan City Council choose to act without regard to ethical considerations. In general, city councils all over Australia are provided considerable powers by respective State Governments, often resulting with local councils not having to be accountable for unethical implementation of law, policy and respective procedures. Hence, it's important that the State Government introduce an accountability forum on the departmental website wherein people can submit cases of local government misconduct or any other unethical matter / corruption, so that matters of injustice can be public knowledge and people can review how State Government rectify the respective negative consequences, finally implementing some local government accountability. Please facilitate a local government accountability forum on the departmental website, as described, or reply any reason(s) why you may consider the proposal / idea not viable / suitable .... ?  Please sign this petition requesting the QLD minister of local government to implement an accountability forum on the departmental website as described.

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