Say "NO!" to a 3M concrete shared path - help us to promote an eco-friendly path.

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Coast Park Grange to Semaphore Stage 1 (North) - Linear Park proposed between Third Ave Semaphore Park and the Waga Waringga - Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve.

The Community Relations department of Dept Planning and Infrastructure tell us... It is planned to create a "shared use path at least 3M wide and constructed of a smooth surface (they describe as a sandy coloured concrete like the coast park section along Henley Beach) that supports prams, bicycle riders, wheeled toys and wheelchair users."

We support the idea of making this area more accessible however we would like a path made of more environmentally friendly material than what has been proposed. 

Our children, friends, families and pets walk, ride and play in this grassed area (which is maintained by the residents not the council). We want them to continue to be safe using this lovely area. A "smooth surface" which we believe will make this less of a "path" and more of a "race track".  The option we suggest is an extension of the "Wara Wayingga Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve".

There are bearded dragons, blue tongue lizards, birds and other animals that live in this area,in the dunes, which will no doubt be displaced if such a large path is built.  Local residents work in collaboration with the City of Charles Sturt to weed and re-vegetate the precious dunes.

Please join us in protecting this area.