Sack the Lismore City Council

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This petition calls for the NSW Minister for Local Government to sack the Lismore City Council for financial incompetence and appoint an administrator until fresh elections are held in September 2020.

It follows the council decision to seek a rate increase of 24 per cent, only months after revealing a multi million dollar "black hole" in its finances and without giving ratepayers any evidence of it attempting to make cost savings in its administration. 

A massive rate rise cannot be justified at a time when the region is suffering from drought and bushfires, while still recovering from the 2017 flood.  

The appointment of an administrator will allow for a proper review of the council's operations and finances, most importantly,

1) the council's long-running neglect of local roads and other essential services,

2) wasteful spending on non-essential vanity projects, art installations and protests on causes outside the council's remit, and

3) divesting loss-making business operations which could be more efficiently provided by local small business providers.