Amend the Residential Planning rules to allow up to 60m2 permanent secondary dwellings to be built behind existing homes without planning approval and for use OR rental by parties unrelated to the main dwelling.

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Victoria has a housing crisis - our median house price is now $834,000 (up from $706,000 in 2015) and our median rent for a unit is now $450 per week (up from $365 per week in 2015). We now have 24,800 homeless people (up from 22,800) and 82,000 (up from 35,000) people on the public housing waiting list. Older people do not have enough options to downsize within their communities and kids can't afford to leave home. Our average new house is 241m2 - the largest in the world and yet our household sizes are shrinking. We are just not building enough small affordable homes in our middle suburbs because our planning rules make this type of development expensive and complicated. We need to change our rules for granny flats to match NSW, WA and ACT. In those States it is possible to build a small secondary permanent dwelling behind an existing home which can be used by dependents or rented out to unrelated parties - all without planning approval or requirements to subdivide. This helps to provide a diversity of accommodation in the suburbs where there is already infrastructure and services. It allows for relatively inexpensive small dwellings to be built which deliver affordable rental property to an increasingly unaffordable market. Its a smart, easy change to our rules that will support affordable housing choices.