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Review to "Change of Assessment" Child Support

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Stop the "change of assessment" in the child support calculations between the 1st of July and the 31st of October of each new financial year.

I will allude briefly these few points.

Not necessary in cases such as the receiver of child support starting a "change of assessment" in this time frame, Because the payer of child support has this time to accurately give information by doing his/her tax return. re.1st July-31Oct.

This action takes up valuable resources of personnel answering phone calls to deal with these "change of assessments". A resource that is stretched to deal with requests and calculations enough already.

When the taxable income of the payer is calculated by the income tax declared from completing the tax return, this is what is used to calculate the child support rate, effectively cancelling out any "change of assessment" that may or may not be accepted. Resource Wasting.

Resource wasting, letters sent to employers and employees and staff having to start change of assessments legally allowed to take up to 90 days, often need this time frame to complete because there is not enough people in this department to deal with.

1st July - 31st October is  123 days. I have personally had cases with out decision for 112 days. If it is law to produce an out come in 90 days the resources of this department are stretched. this is one example.

By enforcing a law or an adjustment to not accept  "change of assessment in this time frame described above. resources in this particular section of human resources may have a chance to help make decisions in a more timely and effective manner.


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