Ban AR-10 and AR-15 assault rifles in Canada

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Pictured: Mourners at memorial for 17 killed with an AR-15 in Parkdale, Florida; Source: The Toronto Star

The AR-10 and AR-15-type assault rifles have gained a disgusting notoriety due to their use in numerous mass killings across the United States.

Amazingly, both are legal for private citizens to own in Canada. While their ownership and use is restricted -- meaning that they can only be used at shooting ranges -- the fact is that these guns serve no purpose other than as tools for killing.

There is absolutely no reason why we as a country should accept this. We are lucky; we do not have the blood-soaked history of mass shootings as do our neighbours to the south. To be complacent, and deny the reality that these weapons of war could be turned on our children, families, friends, and selves at any minute, is beyond comprehension.

To the Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, the Hon. Ralph Goodale, to the Canadian House of Commons, and to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all members of the government -- we implore you to change Canada's gun laws and prohibit the ownership and use of these weapons of mass murder. There's no justifiable reason why these guns should be in anyone's hands; it is time for us as a country to recognize that. 

To conclude, a narrow slice of the death toll of these guns, which mounts with each shocking and appalling mass murder.

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