Reduce waiting time for Non-Contributory Parent Visa (Currently up-to 30 Years)

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It’s a real tough situation for parents with all the children in Australia as there is no support for our elderly parents overseas.

Currently the waiting time for Non-Contributory Parent Visa is approximately 30 Years(This is Unrealistic). Our parents might not even live this long.

If you decide for a  Contributory Visa, the cost is about AUD 47,755 ( each parent), so approximately $95,500 for both parents excluding Assurance of Support (This option is not affordable for everyone). 

Also, Subclass 870 as new long term stay visa for parents which will cost $10,000 for 5 years. This is only for permission to stay in Australia with no added benefits. Parents can't access government medical benefits, no pension and no work rights.

Apart from lacking compassion for families. It ignores the significant, but indirect, contribution that  parents make to the Australian economy. They will contribute to economy with added expenses of groceries, cars, bigger houses to live in and spending money as tourists within Australia. On top of that, by having grandparents take care of children, government will save childcare rebate for at least for a few years. 

It is a humble request to be a bit considerate about our elderly parents, particularly for parents with all the children settled in Australia. Please consider the following :

-Reduce the Processing time under the non-contributory visa, which is now 30 years should be in line with other permanent visas. (Under Subclass 103, Parent Visa).

-Reduce the cost and remove the quota for the Sponsored Parent (TEMPORARY) Visa (Subclass 870).   

-Faster processing for parents visa (Subclass 103 and 804) for parents with all the children settled in Australia.