Release Fawaz Al Alewa from Villawood Detention Centre.

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Release Fawaz to his wife and 2 children and give him a chance to make things better.

I was born in third world war country Lebanon; my circumstances stop me from travelling back to Lebanon. I met my beautiful wife and got married without the consent of our families. We now have 2 amazing children a girl and a boy.

Meanwhile in Australia I applied to the Minister of Immigration to allow me to apply for my partner visa onshore, due to the condition of 8503 on my visa. The minister responded it’s not in the public interests for me to apply onshore.

Since the rejection the department haven't reissued me with a bridging visa E. I was detained within a week of the rejection from the Minister. While being in Villawood detention centre my wife gave birth to our new born son who is approximately 3 weeks old. My son is in a serious condition and has been transferred from Bankstown Hospital to Randwick Children’s Hospital.

My wife is suffering severe depression having no support.

Issues have risen since being detained are as follows:

1: The landlord has issued my wife an eviction notice within 3 weeks to vacate.

2: My wife is with my son 24/7 in Randwick Children’s Hospital.

3: My 3-year-old daughter is with a family friend.

My wife needs me to support her and our children in good times and in bad times. Where is the compassion and compelling understanding from the Minister Peter Dutton?

I wasn't there for the birth of my son and now I almost lost my son and I need to be there with my family.   

Please support my release.

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