Let us bring our South African parents to safety sooner.

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Under the current Parent Visa requirements for Australian Citizens, there are very long waiting lists, and only short temporary stays, which can be difficult for elderly parents.

There has been a proposed temporary sponsored visa for Parents of Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents, and Eligible New Zealand Citizens that would allow parents to come to Australia for 5 years and be sponsored by their Children.  This Temporary visa was proposed last year and was speculated that it would come into effect in November 2017.  However, the Visa is reliant on legislation that is currently in the Senate and seems to have stalled.

We have adopted Australia as our home, but most of us have Elderly Parents still living in South Africa who are subject to abuse and the threat of violence on a regular basis.  The current media regarding Farm Murders does not include the many other travisties that occur on a daily basis in South Africa.  

19,000 plus people were murdered last year alone in South Africa, and the elderly are at high risk with documented cases of abuse rife in the media since 2008.

We are happy to support our parents, they are our parents after all, but we need to have them here for longer than the current 2 years, and with the new temporary visa we can sponsor and support them for up to 10 years.  More than enough in some instances to allow these wonderful elderly people to live out their final years in peace and without fear.

Please sign this petition to get the bill passed so that this visa can be approved.

Please also share your stories and reasons why you would like your parents with you here in the country you now call home.