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Full Strength drinks at the new Perth Stadium

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Please sign this petition is to show members of the West Australian government and relative authorities, that West Australians are not mindless drunks who can't be trusted around full strength beer/alcohol. (The fact that this is even a thing is ridiculous)

The current application for the liquor license is being processed by The Dept. of Racing Gaming and Liquor.

This is not a petition based on "we want to get drunk at the footy", this is about choice. About leaving the decision to have a mid or a full up to us. They call us the Nanny State in W.A. and this is prime example. The DRGL, The Police Commissioner, State Politicians are trying to fix a core issue with a Band-Aid. This happens time and again, where a state authority weighs in on what we can and can't do because there are idiots. They are painting us all with the same brush.

Because of a minority, the entire population is being force-fed a lack of choice. Because of 0.1% of the people who attend a sporting match, the other 99.9% have to adhere to "Nanny's" rules - unless you are a "VIP"...

The application is currently sitting with Dept. Racing Gaming Liquor and from what we can understand, they are potentially only going to allow full strength beer in "VIP" areas (Corporate Box's etc.) - (Talk about class equality! I have seen "VIP's" behave far worse than the 40,000 other people at Domain Stadium... just sayin.)

We are not oblivious that there are a handful of idiots out there but we cannot progress as a society if we pander to the morons. 

Politicians have weighed in on this "debate", now its our turn by signing this petition.

The venue should be allowed to sell BOTH full strength and low strength alcohol and leave the responsibility up to the individual instead of "Nanny-ing" us. Full stop.

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