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Help stop the NSW Govt from FORCING pet owners to become registered pet shops

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The Dept of Primary Industries currently has proposed changes to laws that will affect EVERY pet owner in NSW. Under the changes:

“The revised Pet Shop Standards & Guidelines proposes to expand the definition of pet shop, to capture persons keeping animals at residential premises and any associated structures for selling. It is understood that the sale of animals is increasing through online channels, however many online sellers may not have a shopfront business, and instead sell animals from their home. Expanding the definition of pet shop will ensure the same protections are provided to animals kept at residential homes and sold, as there are for traditional pet shops.”

The current wording of the proposed legislation is without question Un-Australian.

It directly aims at DEPRIVING individuals rights to keep animals instead of its intended and applauded aim of improving animal welfare. NO one supports 'puppy farms' -  as a society we loathe them.

BUT ...should this legislation pass into law, then the NSW Govt (DPI) will be complicit in doing the following things:

* Criminalising children in NSW who keep budgies, finches, bearded dragons, pythons, or guinea pigs, who chose to sell any offspring in the quest to find them new ‘loving owners’.

* Enacting legislation that would NOT aide in the Welfare of Animals, but rather encourage dangerous and unethical practices – by forcing people who cannot afford to register as a pet shop to commence dumping all unwanted animals – native and non-native species; or worse still … killing them to dispose of them.

* Create a much larger and therefore uncontrollable ‘underground’ market in the trade of pets and animals. This Country and State does not need for this unscrupulous practise to be enhanced any further than currently exists.

* Destroying the hobby of many retired individuals who spend all of their days caring for, maintaining and loving their aviaries, their reptiles and other furry animals that become ‘emotional care’ animals in their lives, essentially removing their life-lines. Many individuals only have their animals to keep themselves sane, and to have a sense of being worthwhile!

The sheer fact that the Minister Niall Blair is even considering such changes highlights MASSIVE MINISTERIAL INCOMPETENCE.  All of the above matters have been brought to his attention – and yet he continues to state: “There is nothing that he can do!”  


Spread the word – voice your disapproval – BE HEARD!!

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