Why are we being ripped off for Caravan Registration in NSW?

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We, the residents of NSW are requesting that The Hon. Melinda Pavey MP, Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight review, revise and reduce the price of caravan registration in NSW, and bring it inline with all the other States and Territories.  
The NSW government state that the reason NSW pay hundreds of dollars more than other states is due to different fiscal policies and funding arrangements.  

We the residents of NSW do not agree this is fair and just.  The government should be encouraging families, retirees, anyone who likes to travel to get out and about more.  The more people travelling, the more our economy is boosted. They are also encourageing people to register vans in other states due to cost. Why is caravan registration the same as a car registration in NSW (excluding CTP) considering they don't have an engine like a car, remain parked for the majority of their stay and do not emit emissions like a motor vehicle.