UNLOCK our Fire Trails

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Please unlock our bush fire trails to responsible 4x4 enthusiasts, this will ensure the trails stay open, NOT overgrown and useless! These trails are desperately needed in a Fire emergency or essential strategic back-burning exercise. We are currently having to spend Millions of $ fighting fires from the air, many properties have been lost because the trails are simply not available when needed by the RFS during catastrophic fire emergencies. 
   There are numerous legitimate and responsible 4x4 clubs that would be willing to take up the challenge of ensuring the Fire Trails are maintained and viable, removing debris, fallen trees and keeping the bush from reclaiming the trails, this would be a win win, 4x4 enthusiasts wanting to explore the great Aussie bush would provide a great service to the community in helping to protect property and lives by keeping the trails open.
Yours sincerely Andrew (Hunty) Hunt.