Stop the immoral practice of legally bribing land owners to secure a lease.

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Do we not all deserve to have a roof over our heads based on the merit of our character  rather than the thickness of our wallet?

 In many suburbs of Melbourne,  it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a lease on a house or apartment.  In some cases, people can spend weeks,  even months,  attending inspections and applying for properties only to be turned away by the real estate because another applicant has offered more money than the specified weekly rental price.

Being able to "bid" on a prospective lease will only further increase the average cost on what is already an over-inflated market. 

This tactic is pushing lower income earners out of the market and, I believe, may also be a contributing factor in the obvious increase in homelessness throughout Melbourne.

I believe this process is immoral and we (Victoria) should follow the Queensland government in prohibition of such activity. 

I am urging the Honerable Member of Parliament for Albert park,  Martin Foley,  Minister Of housing, to push for a change in The residential tenancies act which would prohibit this sort of behaviour. 

Please share far and wide people,  the person you are helping might be yourself!