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I contracted Meningitis as an infant, which left me a Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia. For years I've been expose to sexually, psychologically and financially abuse by my own family members. I had to endure sexual abuse from the age of seven years old by a close male family member which was suppose to babysit my younger siblings and me. The abuse continued for three years. When I was eighteen years another male family member(who was a direct descendant from me) started to sexual harass me by coming into the bathroom while I was bathing myself. My family used to tell me I'll never leave my family house, because I was too profound disabled and it was my duty to take care of them. When I eventually got married, my former husband and I would have arguments and he used to emotional abuse me by telling me he'll leave me in bed and walk out of our house and never return. He also used to refuse to give me anything to drink or eat when we had arguments.

Throughout the centuries, violence, including domestic and sexual abuses against disabled individuals have been covered up and swept under the carpet.

The Right to Freedom from all Forms of Violence, Women With Disability Australia (WWDA) stated:

· Women with disabilities are 40% more likely to be the victims of domestic violence, than women without disabilities, and more than 70% of women with disabilities have been victims of violent sexual encounters at some time in their lives.

· Women and girls with disability who live in institutional and residential settings are highly susceptible to violence (particularly sexual violence) from numerous perpetrators and frequently experience sustained and multiple episodes.

 Disabled People’s Organisations Australia(DPO) composed a Civil Society Statement and coordinated with 163 society organisations and 383 individuals whom endorsed the Civil Society Statement, urged the Hon Malcolm Turnbull to establish a Royal Commission into Violence against People with Disability.

People With A Disability Australia(PWDA) stated:

A Royal Commission is the only mechanism that can provide a comprehensive, independent, and just response to all forms of violence and abuse against people with disability. People with disability in Australia deserve nothing less.

A Royal Commission into Violence and Abuse of People with Disability will have legal powers to:

· enable people with disability to tell their story and give evidence in a safe and supported way, without fear of retribution or reprisal;

Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, don't disabled individuals like myself deserved justice like everyone else? 

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Chanelle S needs your help with “The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull PM PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION: END THE VIOLENCE AND ABUSE AGAINST DISABLED INDIVIDUALS. ESTABLISH A ROYAL COMMISSION”. Join Chanelle and 4,055 supporters today.