Create an election policy for standardising access to smart meter data

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Electricity consumers have a right to their smart meter data. 

Australia's energy crises can be reduced by consumers installing solar, batteries, or changing to a different electricity tariff. 
Smart meter data contains the information that can provide a consumer with the right product to reduce high electricity bills.  

We are yet to realise the value of our smart meters. 

Australia's smart meter infrastructure rollout promises to help us by providing information about when and how much electricity we use, which also included:
 - wider access to a range of services, including battery storage, automatic tariff switching, or demand response
 - innovation to offer better products and services, like energy management apps or online access to how we use electricity
 - providing detailed information about our energy use on a regular basis, so that we can adjust our usage or find the best deal

Standardising access to smart meter data will empower electricity consumers to fight for a better deal and make the electricity industry transparent!

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