Create a Dog Zone within Flagstaff Gardens - Melbourne

Create a Dog Zone within Flagstaff Gardens - Melbourne

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Started by Gavin Macleod

Our best mates need a place to be free!

One of the best things about having a dog is socialising with other dog owners, getting to know your neighbours in our fast paced and busy life’s thanks to a dogs ability to befriend anyone and anywhere!

Hundreds of residents in and around Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne are enthusiastic dog owners from all walks of life.

These same people regularly utilise Flagstaff gardens to exercise and play with there favourite fluffy friends.

We would like to see a cordoned off area specifically for dogs which would enable them to be off-leash to have a run - there is a few under utilised and perfect patches within the gardens which would make for an outstanding community facility - the costs would presumably be minimal but the positive social impact and benefits would be insurmountable.

Pets play an important part in our lives. Research shows that pets can help improve a person’s mental and physical health, reduce the effects of stress, facilitate social interaction between people and build a sense of community.[1]

Dogs were born to lead active, social lives. Most pet dogs nowadays spend the majority of their time at home, napping and eating. Many dogs can become bored, lonely, and overweight. When they have excess energy and no way to expend it, it’s not surprising that they often come up with activities on their own, like ruining couches, and gnawing on shoes.[2]

For city residents on busy schedules it is too far to travel to Docklands or North Melbourne to spend some quality time with your dog, and without a car or the ability to travel long distances it is not feasible.

The proposed corner of the park is not heavily utilised even on the busiest days at Flagstaff Gardens.

While we don't expect the appointment of the section of the gardens to have a huge financial cost (fencing if required) if needed the strong community could work with local council and Parks Victoria to assist in raising funds.

[1] Australian Companion Animal Council, 2010; Petcare Information and Advisory Service, 2012
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415 have signed. Let’s get to 500!