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Gastroparesis + NSW Government + NO PBS = Difficult times

Gastroparesis is an incurable gastric motility disorder in which the function of the stomach is impaired. For myself and many suffers of Gastroparesis the stomach along with the digestive tract no longer process food and many suffers can no longer eat. Myself like so many Gastroparesis suffers, I am feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a nasogastric tube, which is attach to a lifesaving machine that injects liquid feeds directly into my bowel at a very slow rate.

So why do I need your help?

People who suffer from Gastroparesis generally have to cease work, therefore relying on welfare payments. However with the added cost of lifesaving medication and feeds in NSW it is sometimes impossible to make ends meet.

Lifesaving feeds and medication for Gastroparesis suffers is not part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in New South Wales. In all other Australian states (excluding NSW) Gastroparesis patients are provided their feeds for free or at heavily discounted price.

Why are NSW Gastroparesis sufferers not treated the same?

Why does the NSW Government want suffering for Gastroparesis patients to be worse?

This needs to change, as Gastroparesis suffers are falling between the gaps and the NSW State Government is letting us down when we’re already feeling beaten. Sign this petition to:

  • Have Gastroparesis associated medication part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in NSW
  • Have lifesaving feeds provided free like most other states
  •  Have medical supplies affordable for sufferers
  • Provide the sufferers of Gastroparesis a better quality of life

I will personally deliver this to the Australian Health Minister and lobby this change for all Gastroparesis suffers.

No one state is more important than the other.

xoxox Charmain