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The Hon Julia Gillard MP: Please give DVA Gold Cards to all doctors and nurses involved in the Vietnam War.

"In 1970 Dr Ted Kremer was operating in a Vietnamese hospital while under mortar fire from the Viet Cong.

In one of the stranger fantasies of the bureaucratic imagination, the Federal Government believes Dr Kremer and the hundreds of other doctors and nurses like him who tended the sick, injured and dying during the war, were little more than volunteer civil servants.

The belief, which has been held by governments of all colours, both past and present, has its uses because it denies these men and women a Gold Card. He says he served his country, just as the diggers did.

But as time passes, their health needs, particularly those of the nurses whose finances have been more precarious, are becoming greater."

- Australian Doctor

Please support their fight by signing our petition urging the government to do the right thing by these selfless men and women. Supplying them with a DVA Gold Card will provide the same access to services afforded to Vietnam veterans who served in uniform.

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