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Create Accessibility on the Craigieburn Train Line

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Public transport is an incredibly important part of the lives of many Melbourneans, however, there are many issues with it too; one of these is accessibility, which is an exceptionally big problem on the Craigieburn line, particularly in the Hume area.

Many of the stations on this line do have "accessibility" in that they have ramps, except these ramps are all incredibly steep, and impossible for someone in a wheelchair or pushing a pram to get up. This needs to be resolved as it creates a barrier between parents and disabled people and their ability to go to work or school, or to make appointments on time, as driving isn't for everyone—and can often take longer than taking the train.
This is a big problem, and deprives many Melbourneans of much-needed transport options, which will also see a rise in pollution caused by the increase in use of cars, and increased health risks for those affected by the lack of elevators or ramps with less of an incline, particularly those with disabilities, as they are unable to get out more.

It would be quite a project to add elevators or make ramps less steep to these stations, but for many people on the Craigieburn line, this would mean our lives were improved immensely by means of allowing us the use of these facilities which were designed for people like us.
The communities all along the Craigieburn line suffer when accessibility is subpar; we need to take care of everyone in each of those communities, not just the able-bodied or those who travel without their young children.

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