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Royal Commission needed into choice of EPAS for SA medical system

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The EPAS system that was meant to make medical records available electronically and quickly to all medical staff in our system here in SA is years behind schedule, over $200 million over budget (and growing), still does not work well enough to be implemented into our $2 billion plus new hospital, and was chosen over 'off-the-shelf' solutions that would have cost $50 million or less.

One solution was developed here in SA by a local firm but rejected, the only reason being that it would embarrass the government if they changed their decision now, admitting to wasting the lifetime's worth of tax dollars for thousands of South Australians (including you and me!).

It is a disgrace, and raises serious questions as to why this system was chosen (an American system that had to be developed from scratch) over existing local systems that would be working by now.

Who made the decision to ignore far cheaper solutions? What ties did they have, if any, to EPAS in the US? Why choose a system that would have to be developed from scratch (always a minefield where software is concerned) when local systems were nearly ready to go? The only possible answers (but I'm willing, and wanting, to know the truth hence the call for a Royal Commission) I can think of are that someone fell for a false sales pitch, or their choice was completely ignorant of what was required, or there was some inducement involved.

Only a Royal Commission, because of the huge sums of money involved ($500 million and growing) can answer these important questions, to make sure this disgusting waste of OUR money never happens again.

Accountability is essential!



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