Prioritise the elderly, vulnerable & essential workers when COVID-19 vaccine is available

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We don't know when the COVID-19 vaccine will become available, but when we do, it will be absolute chaos. Remember how people behaved to get their hands on toilet paper? Imagine how some people will behave when there is vaccine for COVID-19.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP, please start working NOW on a program to prioritise the elderly, vulnerable, and essential workers so that these people don't have to battle to get vaccinated; especially the elderly, many of whom have limited travel / mobility, and will not have the ability to get access to the vaccine as easily as many others.

Now is the time to start working on this, not once the vaccine is here. It took far too long for many plans to be implemented to prioritise the elderly and essential workers around shopping etc, please don't let the same mistake be made again. We are already seeing Pharmacies running out of the flu vaccine, with many vulnerable people simply unable to get it.

There have been many decisions made that have saved lives, and you are to be commended on those; this is another step that must be taken. And the work must start now.