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Health authorities so far have ignored the claims and evidence of natural medicine that it is the superior form of treatment for chronic and medically incurable diseases. The very fact of a high rate of chronic disease in our society attests to the inability of the medical profession to successfully treat these diseases. Those who know have no doubt that natural medicine could eliminate most chronic diseases within a decade, needing only a few percent of the money that is spent on conventional medicine. The knowledge is already available; no expensive high-tech research is needed that may or may not give results sometime in the future.


There is a simple low-cost solution for bringing about the healing of our society:


1.            Phase out public assistance for pharmaceutical companies and their research, and require research to show that a drug is safe with long-term use in combination with other common drugs and chemicals and with old or fragile patients, or alternatively that it is superior in the long-term to available natural treatments by way of a Research Institute specifically established to make ‘alternative’ remedies into ‘main stream’ remedies, and make the findings and statistics live online every day. 


2.            Make it illegal for pharmaceutical companies to fund medical education or provide drug information, marketing or incentives directly to the public or to medical practitioners, or to employ former health officials. Information to medical practitioners should be provided by an independent and impartial body.


3.            Afford qualified practitioners of natural medicine the same recognition and opportunities as those of alopathic medicine, including in hospitals, rehabilitation, research and publications, health departments and regulating authorities.


So far our medical and economic leaders do not want to face reality. They brain­wash the public into believing that the present health situation is completely normal. Importantly, the whole economic structure of Western civilization is based on the production and distribution of goods and services that are contributing to poor health.




These include chemicalised agriculture and food processing, the pharmaceutical industry, technological medicine and the petrochemical and plastics industries.


The guiding motto for industry is 'profit', while for the consumer it is 'convenience'. The price for all to pay is the loss of health. This situation is the natural outcome of a society based on selfish motivation. A change for the better can only come when more and more people realize that ultimately they harm themselves with selfish attitudes, and start electing leaders who are prepared to act in a compassionate and cooperative way in the interest


of the whole society. We get what we choose: natural health or enduring drug management.