Help Aussie Rob get approval for his Rigvir cancer treatment plan now!

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Let’s alter the trajectory of Mr Robin Smyth’s life. Robin deserves the right to choose his cancer treatment plan. 

He’s an Australian melanoma sufferer with a terminal diagnosis. Robin has no further treatment options available within Australia.  The Australian TGA has denied Robin’s requests to import Rigvir medication. Despite Robin experiencing a positive response to Rigvir months ago, a TGA official advised him to make preparations for his death, refusing his treatment choice.

The official did apologise for the comment, requesting that his doctor sign another form. Total delay for his application is now 8 weeks. It doesn’t seem fair. Exasperating the challenges Robin faces, a TGA official stated he was “a guinea pig” under a new departmental application process.

Robin lays in bed dying.  He needs the support of the community to force the hand of the TGA to do the right thing.  Rigvir has  been approved by the Latvian Government  since 2004, as a preferred melanoma treatment option.  Other Australians are using Rigvir with TGA approval. Attempts to get help by alerting Federal Members and a radio talk show host of Robin’s situation have so far fallen on deaf ears. 

In supporting this petition, you are requesting that the TGA approve Robin’s Rigvir import certificate. I hope that your support may let us see sensibility prevail.

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