Release the water from Cubbie station into our rivers or vote the Liberals out .

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Enough is enough. Force the government to release the water from the biggest cotton farm , Cubbie Station, so we can get back the health of our water system for all states relying on the Murray-Darling and Culgoa river. Why are they allowing one farm to dam and drain our rivers to the loss of all towns below south-west Qld. They say all irrigation has stopped or been restricted, this is just another one of their lies, irrigation still continues. Lets open up Pandoras box and see what irrigators, especially Cubbie station, are financing/making deals with which Liberal/National politicians. Why are we giving away our water to a  part foreign owned station who deplete our water ways and take their wealth overseas. The health of our water systems means the health of our towns, people, fish stocks, livelihoods for farmers/ fishermen and farm animals, not to mention the diverse range of native animals, reptiles and insects that rely on this water plus tourism which supports our towns . Why are we allowing one station to drain our river for cotton and yet towns have run out of clean drinking water. Don't vote Liberal/nationals this April, let them know this is NOT ok and let's have a Royal Commission into the mishandling of our water resources. Don't believe their standard answer that's it's the droughts fault because if they were truly worried about the drought they would make these changes themselves. Write, protest and speak up until Cubbie Station and other irrigators are forced to keep our rivers healthy and let the water flow.

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