Ministerial intervention for Sung Ah Yoo citizenship application

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To whom it may concern,

I, Sung Ah Yoo 15 years of age, was born in Westmead hospital in 2003 and continued lived here in Australia since then, except for a short period of approximately 3 years from 2010 to 2013 where due to circumstances out of my control l was forced to return to South Korea with my mother and father. Up until then l was taught and raised with he same values and culture as an Australian.

I, Sung Ah Yoo lived apart from the wider Korean community, so was and still am unaccustomed to Korean culture and customs. I identified myself to be an Australian more than being a Korean. Due to that,  I had a difficult and emotionally hard time whilst being in Korea due as a self-identified Australian identity, I was unable to fit in within those that identify me Korean due to my racial background and appearance. This has caused me much distress and was the target of multiple bullying. The stress of being taken from a place that was called home (Australia) to a foreign place, new school, new culture, new community that was unaccepting towards myself as a individual, which was accompanied by emotional and physical bullying and my parents situation of disability and impairment, Korea is still a place that causes me and my family severe mental and emotional instability and trauma.

After seeing the distressing and bleak situation of the inability to fit in and to the way l was being treated by the community and my peers. Which is the cause of my grandparents that are Australian permanent residents to decide to bring me their only granddaughter, Sung Ah Yoo back to Australia on a student visa and was enrolled back into Parramatta West Public school in 2013. As of this moment I am attending Tyndale Christian High school in Blacktown though not prestigious, I am happy there as I was finally accepted into a community that is diverse in culture. 

My past 2 visa applications for citizenship in Australia have been rejected on the basis that l, Sung Ah Yoo was not an ordinary resident in Australia for a period of 10 consecutive years from the day that l was born.

I was advised that a ministerial intervention is my best option and only hope of being  recognized as an individual and to allow emotional shelter that support of family members in Australia, the country that l have been raised in and have until now called home, where l long to become recognized as one of its own. 

I employ you to please consider my situation and revise my Australian citizenship application and turn it to be favorable outcome for me Sung Ah Yoo, to remain and live in Australia is an Australian citizen, as I have always looked at Australia as my hope.