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THANKS! Direct Action helps too ....

So, using one of the links in my petition, I sent my concerns direct to the Police Commissioner.  They have to give me a case reference.  They have to give me a reply.

If you are an Aussie, or even better a NSW resident, please consider doing the same.  NSWPF Internet site www.police.nsw.gov.au Lets increase their workload! ....

> Thank you for contacting the NSW Police Force Customer Assistance unit.  YOUR CAU REF: CAS-1175473-K2C8  Your email has been forwarded to the Professional Standards Manager at the Professional Standards Command.


Customer Assistance Unit

On 03/06/2020 3:54 PM, 228 wrote:
> Select the area you wish to contact : Commissioner's Office
> Name : Marcia Ruf
> Country : Australia
> Subject : Indigenous Youth Arrest
> Enter your comments in this box: : Dear Sir,
> In a recent press statement you claimed that the situation could have been handled better - you are only partly correct.  Yes it could have, at the moment, been handled better. But it could also currently still be handled better. 
> A young man was subdued in cuffs and not resisting.  There was no need leg sweep him. But also,the harm was either negligent or intended. As a martial artist I can attest to multiple ways a leg sweep recipient can be guided so as to reduce or eliminate injury as they fall. This was a failure of judgement, a failure of training and is now a failure of accountability.
> You also stated that your are "... sure people don't want the officer sacked".  WRONG. Sack him. I do not feel safe knowing my 20 year old is walking streets where a man whose ego is so fragile that he can't handle a bit of verbal teen rebellion without causing grievous bodily harm is on those same streets.
> If your investigation finds that this action was within standard protocols then your protocols are based on fascist authoritarianism and need a full and complete overhaul.
> You could take this moment as a way to bridge community divides and heal, or you can reaffirm every claim ever made about NSW police being a toxic culture of racist bullies. You are supposed to be keepers of the peace. Lead by example.
> City : Lithgow
> State : NSW

Marcia Ruf
1 year ago