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As a careers pracitioner in a State Secondary College, I have first hand evidence of the work that the Local Learning and Employment Networks do for our students.  The links they form and the contacts they provide between our students and local employers are often the difference between our students falling into unemployment and starting a job or school based apprenticeship.  They are the vital link between employers, training providers and schools.  Without the LLENs there will be a void. How will employers and schools be able to communicate effectively without the brokerage of the hard working people at the LLEN office.  Not only do they form the link between schools and employers, they also provide training and support for careers practitioners and VCAL coordinators.  It is foolish in the extreme to make cuts to such a valuable service.  ANY CUTS TO THE FUNDING OF THE LLENs WILL AFFECT THE FUTURE OF YOUR KIDS - ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE INTENDING TO ENTER A TRADE OR VOCATIONAL TRAINING.  State and Federal governments need to get their heads together and restore FULL funding to our LLENs NOW. 

Letter to
Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne
Minister for Education The Hon Christopher Pyne MP
Office of the Premier of Victoria Australian Government/Victorian Government
and 1 other
Minister for Education Hon Martin Dixon
Mr Pyne, Doctor Napthine and Mr Dixon,
this petition is raised in order to ask you to review your decisions to reduce/cut funding to the Local Learning and Employment Networks in Victoria. The value of the LLENs to Secondary Schools and local communities in Victoria cannot be understated. They provide a vital link between our students and their prospects of employment. Please consider the futures of our youth and maintain or increase the funding of our LLENs.

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