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Hold Bullies & Parents to Higher Level of Accountability by law in Australia

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I have been personally impacted by my child being a long term victim of bullying, both within her school environment, and outside of her school environment from external school students, physically and cyber bullying.

I have seen first hand the devastating and lasting impact it has had on her mental health and it has contributed in a big way to her suicidal ideation for which she has been under long term psychological and psychiatric care. 

I have been completely underwhelmed with what little can be done officially by schools to end the bullying, and the almost impossible onus and burden of proof on parents of the child being bullied.

In most cases, the bullying is carried out discretely so as to deliberately not leave an audit trail or proof. Which to my mind, entails an element of conniving and manipulative behaviours that need to be psycholigically addressed.

What is wrong with these children psychologically that cause them to need to destroy other children in order to elevate themselves??

I've started this petition because I've felt helpless for too long, sending my child off to slaughter every day at school.

I've started this petition because I've just tonight read of yet another young child who has taken their life because of relentless bullying. 

When will it be enough?? 

How many children need to senselessly take their lives before we confront and address this problem??

I've read about too many children being repeatedly and continuously bullied in schools and over social media and nothing can effectively be done to stop it from happening. 

The current protocol is to report it to the school. The school then adresses it with the child/ren accused of bullying and/or their parents. Most parents deny their children are capable of the behaviours they have been accused of.

This then leads to an escalation of the bullying!!

The bully is now angered further and out for revenge!! The victim is left even more traumatised than before, and with C-PTSD and other mental health issues such as debilitating anxiety!! 

Are we insane?? 

Everything suffers. The victim's home life, their social life, their studies. Everything. 

The bully faces little to no consequences. 

Ultimately, the final responsibility for bullies and their actions must lie with their parents. Unless these children and their parents are held to account and held responsible, nothing will change. 

We need to do better. We are letting too many child victims down. 

As an initial response, parents should face a pecuniary fine along with a mandatory requirement for suspension/expulsion from school and mandatory psychological intervention.

If re-offending occurs, then there need to be  criminal consequences.

The laws need to be changed across the board.

There is no point changing a law in one state.

There is no point changing a law in one country.

This needs to be a global movement.

This is a global problem and we need a global solution. 

Children's lives are being ruined and needlessly lost because the bully is never punished or held to account.

The victim is rarely believed and the burden of proof almost impossible in some cases. They are ostracized and face many mental health issues and often suffer in silence. They are often too scared to speak up for fear of retribution and escalation. In one instance, my child was made to sit in a "friendship room" with her bullies to try to work through their "issues". This needs to stop. The victims are suffering enough and we are inflicting more trauma on them with these useless methods of resolution. We are placing too much importance on the bully and not enough protections for the victims. 

It's also time parents take responsibility for their children's antisocial actions.

The Australian Federal government needs to take action because too many young lives are being affected. We have a duty of care to protect these young children. We must advocate for them and be their voice or we are failing them. It's not enough to enact single laws in individual jurisdictions like Libby's Law (although a good start). 

The purpose of this petition is to lobby the Australian Attorney-General the Hon. Mr Christian Porter MP to advise the Australian Federal Government to enact federal laws whereby:- 

1. parents of bullies are fined at first instance upon evidence of bullying and/ or

2. Bullies are immediately suspended/ expelled from their schools upon a minimum threshold of evidence of bullying, such outcome dependent on severity of the bullying. Threats of physical violence and telling children to kill themselves result in immediate expulsion - zero tolerance. 

3. Mandatory psychological assessment and treatment program for the bullying child at their expense, with a requirement that they also fund any psychological treatment required by their victim

4. Children over a certain age who repeatedly bully are prosecuted criminally and charges filed against their parents, irrespective of age of bully.

Additionally, this petition requests that the Australian government lead the way by engaging with other world leaders to follow suit by lobbying and other diplomatic methods and channels. This needs to be a global movement of Zero Tolerance. Perhaps a global working project needs to be established to investigate and report on best practice on a global perspective. 

Enough is enough. I can't personally in good conscience, keep quiet any longer. Too many children are suffering in silence and too many children are losing their lives and I will not stop until I see change in this arena. My child needs to see that she matters. That everyone cares. That we are capable of doing better. We owe it to them.

Please support this petition as your duty to these young, defenceless children. 

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