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Why clinical experience of Doctors not counted to become proficient medical teacher by MCI

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The. Medical council of India recently reduced the minimum eligibility and experience criterion of Medical teachers for various medical colleges in India by its amendment notification 5th June 2017. In which in addition to Recognized MCI degree and experience of teaching and research publication in medical colleges is required. But the criterion of experience of teaching (theory) is not complete in itself because it is mandatory to have clinical experience (practical) to become proficient medical teacher who is sought not only for teaching but also for training on spot of Medical students. The clinical experience of any doctor has more weightage than academic teaching experience to be counted for criterion for selecting proficient medical teacher because every patient is a book for every doctor and he gains that experience must be made available to tomorrows medical students. Every subject has its own limitations but no subject is complete without any single subject in medical field  so to become proficient medical teacher for undergraduate classes clinical experience after doing MBBS must have  to be counted and for post graduate classes teachers clinical experience after doing MD/MS need to be counted. Also the clinical experience both before and after post graduation of any doctor who served goverment in the country need to be counted for justice with profession. As there are many non medico (MSc,Phd)are teaching medical students who never attended any medical subject class during their graduation  and Medical Council Of India is accepting them(MSc,Phd. in medicine need to be stopped immediately ) as medical teacher not in excess of maximum up-to 30% however if qualified medical teachers are easily available within govt sector with clinical experience why government is showing pseudo deficiency of qualified medical teachers that specialist in preclinical  field anatomy Physiology etc  has to be posted/promoted under 75% promotion quota or by interdepartmental transer ordars of Govt of Rajasthan  Medical Education group 1 no. 2014 Dated 7 March 2017 at medical colleges on vacant seats rather than in field phc/chc /dh/refferal hospital where they have no role of their speciality. 

 Seeking action for  justice from you soon 


                 Truely Yours

        Dr.Rameshwar Prasad Sharma 

     Senior Specialist Clinical Anatomy 

       Govt Hospital Hindaun city.                              District- Karauli , Rajasthan 


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