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Respected Prime Minister,

I am one of your ardent admirers. Everyone appreciates your resolve to root out corruption  and  herald an era of good governance in the country. However, whatever are  your political compulsions, your willingness to associate  with the AIADMK in eulogizing late madam Jayalalithaa is not acceptable. She is an offender, against the State having grossly violated the 'Prevention of Corruption Act'. An extract from the judgment of the Supreme Court is reproduced below which stands to prove her guilt. Unquestionably, paying encomiums to her in Government functions and documents is unethical and  should be unlawful too.

Extract from the Supreme Court judgment:

"540. Noticeably, the respondents accused accepted all the findings of the High Court. We have analyzed the evidence adduced by the parties and we come to the conclusion that A1to A4 have entered into a conspiracy and in furtherance of the same, A1 who was a public servant at the relevant time had come into possession of assets disproportionate to the known sources of her income during the check period and had got the same dispersed in the names of A2 to A4 and the firms & companies involved to hold these on her behalf with a masked front. Furthermore, the charge of abetment laid against A2 to A4 in the commission of the offence by A1 also stands proved."

There is news being spread here in Tamilnadu that an invitation has been extended to our Hon'ble PM for participating in the Foundation laying ceremony for the proposed memorial for Jayalalithaa in Chennai. The memorial proposal at Government cost is itself questionable. Already, our Hon'ble Prime Minister had flagged off the 'Amma' Scooter Subsidy scheme for women. The scheme itself is anti social and waste of peoples' Tax money. This was submitted to the Hon'ble PM requesting to abstain from associating with it. But unfortunately it happened. These are likely to lead the younger generation to believe that this is the way of democracy, even as you profess to see its extinction from India.

At this point and in this background  I humbly request the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to decline participation in the Foundation ceremony to be got up some time later in Chennai, which will be appreciated by all well meaning citizens  but those who have an axe to grind. This has nothing to do with politics but concerned with only ethics.

JAI HIND                                                                                                                       With high respects

Yours truly                                                                                                          S.M.ARASU                                                                                                PRESIDENT
'Makkal Nalvaazhvuk Katchi' (9382896066)