Water logging problems in and around Hyderabad city due to heavy rainfall

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In recent period heavy rains are taking place in Hyderabad substituting a distributed rainfall during the rainy season because of atmospheric changes and cyclone. Because of rapid urbanization, migration to Hyderabad for employment from rural areas has increased. In the process of migration agriculture lands are converted in to residential areas. Some part of the water bodies like tanks, canals and drains are occupied and converted to residential areas.

 In the changed scenario tanks of Hyderabad are converted in to sewerage storage tanks. Canals and drains are totally converted in to open drainages.  Because of these changes in natural and old water bodies, water logging problem is intensified. Hyderabad city is unable to bear even 10cm rainfall and water logging is becoming a huge problem.

 In recent years submerging of residential areas has increased exponentially. When problem is occurring discussions are going on among the public, government and intelligentsia and demanding for clearing of illegal occupancies in water bodies, only after the problem has occured. However clearing of these illegal occupancies is not taking place because of rehabilitation and legal problems. It is not possible to clear illegal occupancies in a single operation. Clearing of occupancies in tanks and nalas should be dealt on different priority basis. First we should analyze the problems linked with tanks and nalas separately.  

 We should take up tanks occupancy clearance as well as utility aspect also simultaneously. In comparison to old agriculture operations, tank storage method has drastically changed. In agriculture utilization, tanks are used as small reservoirs to store rain water in rainy season and used for agriculture and drinking purposes for the entire year. At present these tanks are always full with sewerage water throughout the year and there is no agriculture dependence on these tanks. The same cannot be used for drinking water as it is totally polluted.With the implementation of “Mission Bhagiratha” water grid is going to be well connected to all over city. Only one hope is this storage may help in improving ground water levels in the nearby areas. But the ground water also becoming polluted in the nearby areas of tanks because of direct connectivity of sewerage water to bore wells from tanks.

 In the present scenario, these tanks water cannot be used for any utility in urban areas except to maintain humidity in atmosphere of surrounding areas. As far as legal problems are concerned most of these layouts developed and registered in the lands of sikhampattas and regular pattas. Hence the question of compensation and rehabilitation is a costly affair and invites legal complications.

 Presently canals, agricultural drains and nalas have become main source for draining rain water and sewerage water. Clearance of occupancies and modernization of these will facilitate the free flow of rain water without any obstructions. For example rains are heavy in coastal areas compared to Hyderabad. As canals and drainage systems are strong in coastal areas, water gets cleared quickly.  The city like Mumbai was able to withstand for 30cm rainfall, whereas in Hyderabad even 10cm rainfall is causing heavy damages. As far as legal problems are concerned, people residing beside nalas are totally in non hygienic conditions and they need a perfect replacement. If a proper rehabilitation package is offered, they may be interested for replacement. The legal problems are also less and issues can be handled in amicable way.

 Hence while setting the priority, nalas are to be cleared on war footing basis and protection and clearing of occupancies in tanks can be taken up in a regular course.  The government machinery also can work in a focused manner to face these rain water problems.  We request you for a quick action to come out of rain water submergence of residential areas and roads at the earliest. 

 Thanking you sir,

Yours faithfully

(PSV Prasad)

Date: 05-10-2017

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