Memorandum To pass Ordinanace on School fees Reduction For academic Year 2020-21 & 21-22

Memorandum To pass Ordinanace on School fees Reduction For academic Year 2020-21 & 21-22

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S. Nataraj Sharma started this petition to The Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka and


Shri. Vajubhai Valaji

The Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka, 

Raj Bhavan Rd, opp. DRDO,

Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


Shri. B.S.Yadeyurappa 

The Hon’ble Chief Minister

Government of Karnataka

No.323A, Vidana Soudha 3rd Floor, Ambedkar Beedi,

Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore – 560001

SUBJECT:- An Appeal for to pass ORDINANCE with regard                    to School Fees & direction to CBSE and CICSE Council and their affiliated School to stop Harassment to Parents and Children. 

Dear Sir, 

          With high regards and respect to Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka and The Chief Minister, I seek kind intervention on behalf of all the parents of the state and the below signed to pass an ORDINANCE directing all schools to collect only 70% of the tuition fees for the academic year 2020-21 and 2021 & 2022 to resolve the issue of School fees Harassment by the Private schools affiliated to CBSE and CICSE Boards running in state of Karnataka.

·          The Private schools are not bothering the orders issued by the, ministry education Government of Karnataka. They are is not responding to the pathetic condition of the middle class poor parents, who are fighting and agitating against the schools and the government from many months.

·          The private schools are using the land, water, facilities and  exemptions in many facets. The government has provided them the NOC to obtain the affiliation from the ICSE and CBSE. The institutions are registered in the state as society or trust which is under the control of state purview and jurisdiction. The delay in passing the ordinance or action against these institutions leads to take away the right of the citizens of this nation. It is bound on duty of the elected government to provide and safeguard the constitutional rights enshrined in the constitution.

·          The elected democratic government should always work for the betterment of society in the larger interest, even after the chaos in the state and the public agitation before schools are not been addressing properly by the state. It is an exceptional situation, the parents are on streets fighting for their child constitutional rights, sad to mention the government is not even giving the meagre importance.

·          The state machineries of education department, state commissions on child rights have become spectators by the order of Hon’ble court. The institutions have even violated the interim stay order granted in favour of them, inspite of that the government has not moved the court for contempt. The government should take all possible measures to protect constitutional right of right to life and education.

·          It is learnt from the media publications that the government has received the memorandum from private institutions to remove the education minister, which is unfortunate that the looters entertained to submit the memorandum.

·          It is apparent from the records and websites of the government many of the schools have not submitted their auditing reports. The education institutions are charitable in nature and hence they are bound to produce the auditing every year. The institutions have violated all the laws of state, inspite of that no action has been initiated by the state machinery.                                          The pandemic is affected in all walks of life and it’s after effects are more on socio and economic than the health. It is painful to mention that a section of middle class people in society has not considered being eligible for the benefits of government. Those are always the sufferers, who always contribute to their best to revenue, education, employment, values, and culture and also maintain social peace. Unfortunately this section of the society is drastically affected but the government is mum in enhancing support. 

·          The biggest contribution to the nation by this section or middle class is providing good, loyal citizen and pillars of this country by providing value education, now due to effect of Covid-19, many have lost jobs, cut in the salaries, drop in business also frighten about their children future and their health. They leave with only dream of providing good education to their children, so that they make their children to be useful to this nation.

·           through online. The so called service motive and quality educational institutions affiliated to central boards (CBSE and ICSE) schools are nagging parents to pay 100% fees for the academic year 2020-21, in which 80% of the classes have not run and researches say 30% of the children did not have access to internet.                          

·          Right to education is the fundamental right guaranteed under constitution, such a predominant right is taken over by the private educational institutions by harassing student making them to sit in the black rooms for the want of school fees. The parents have been harassed to pay the fees by barrowing, to pledge the properties, jewelleries, etc. to pay the fees. Furthermore some institutions had tie ups with financial institutions to get the loans to parents for higher rate interest to get clear there academic fees. Those parents not paid fully, their children’s online ID’s have been disabled, which affects the kids both mentally and physically. The institutions are inhumanly treating the parents and kids who are future of this nation.

·          The government of Karnataka is succumbing to lobby of private educational institutions, the professional schools have made and construed as profiteer. The basic education should not be poisoned with such filth in the society, the effect of which will be destroying the humanity in the society, for which the government is solely responsible.                      

·          What stopped the government not to file the contempt of court on violation of court order against the Association of schools, which stipulates the intention of state government, ministry education, that the government is supporting the private education lobby or mafia.   

·          Hence, I request your kindself immediate intervention, on behalf of all the parent community of the state to interfere with the matter,

    A). To protect the rights of children by Passing ORDINANCE to collect only 70% of the tution fees for the academic year 2020-21 and 2021-22

    B). direction to CBSE and ICSE schools not to stop online classes for any children and stop harassment in the interest of parents and students.

    C)  Government to make policy for uniform fees structure for children up to 7th standard to protect Constitutional right.

Thanking You                                         Yours faithfully

Bangalore                                            (S.Nataraj Sharma)

                                                          Advocate –High Court

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 The below digitally signed memorandum is submitting for immediate kind action.   

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