Ban the CLUB CULTURE of Bengal-- the culture of EXTORTION and TORTURE

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Here in this petition I am going to tell you friends about a peculiar system or malpractice prevailing here in West Bengal. I am very much disturbed by this system.

The problem faced by me is the problem of ‘extortion’. It has become a flourishing business here. We have in West Bengal unnecessary ‘clubs’ and ‘committees’ mushrooming in every nook and corner of the state for the sole purpose of ‘extortion’.

Here a ‘club’ is a ‘gang’ of some ‘white-collared gentlemen’ (Bhadralok) who extort money from the general public every now and then; sometimes in the name of ‘Pujas’, sometimes in the name of ‘dance-parties’, sometimes in the name of organising ‘sports tournaments’ and sometimes in the name of gamble games like ‘lotteries’, so on and so forth.

These clubs or committees also extort huge amounts from the newly settled residents on the pretext that they will provide security to the residents.

Here an important question arises as to if these so called ‘clubs’ or ‘committees’ are to provide security, then what is the need of Police forces or administration? Are they above the government and the Constitution?

This is a kind of ‘terrorism’ and if not checked in time it will assume a form of ‘parallel government’ like the ‘kidnapping industry’ of Bihar or the ‘Punjab terrorism’ of yesteryears.

Is there any solution in your mind?

So this is the ‘system’ we are living in!