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The Hon Barry O’Farrell MP Premier of NSW: Don't turn Sydney Harbour into a Mini Las Vegas and stop the expansion of gambling in NSW

Many have questioned the argument that Crown has put forward. First we were told the casino was needed to subsidise a 6-star hotel. Then we were told luxury apartments for the mega rich were needed to subsidise the entire project. When vested interests make claims like these, they should be treated with some scepticism.

The integrity of the David Murray review has also been called into question after the Liberal Party fundraiser was hosted at the Chair's home, a financial relationship was uncovered between Crown and the body providing commercial advice, and the Premier's department prepared media scripts for the panel to defend the proposal.

It also appears the economic and tourism-related benefits used to justify Crown’s plans may have been significantly inflated.

Casinos can become hotbeds for crime and cause hardships for those struggling with gambling addictions. The decision to grant a second casino license or allow the expansion of the existing will not involve any community consultation

Sydney Harbour is too precious to have its future decided by the roll of a dice behind closed doors.

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