Protect lives, livelihoods and environments - demand alternatives to overhead powerlines.

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Your voices are being heard - keep speaking up!

Thank you for signing the petition!  We have almost reached 5000 signatures in just one week! 

Please keep sharing the petition.  This is not just for affected landholders.  Anyone who wants to see people put before profits can help.  Let’s put pressure on our elected representatives to bring community needs to the front of major infrastructure projects.  

The petition is already getting noticed - 9 News Western Victoria covered it last week.  You can hear in this that AEMO brushes off any consideration of undergrounding as ‘simply too expensive.’  But where is the evidence?  They have not published any costings - we deserve better than that.  

According to their Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) and Project Assessment Conclusion Report the option of undergrounding was not even considered as a ‘credible option’.  Meaning there was no investigation as to what the costs, or benefits, would be.  Their PADR merely states that the option was dismissed because “this option is expected to cost up to 10 times more per kilometre than overhead lines, and is not expected to deliver net market benefits.” (PADR, Pg.30)  They claim this assumption is reason enough for them not to complete any modelling of this option.

We argue that there is more to energy infrastructure than 'net market benefits'.  There are people’s lives, livelihoods and environments.  There is a need to look for long-term benefits to our communities and landscapes and ensure the safest option is chosen to protect against bushfire risk.

For the Federal Energy Minister to take notice and for AEMO to go back to the drawing board and complete a holistic community-centred assessment, we need to show them the community demands better representation.  If each of us found 1 or 2 more supporters we would soon surpass 10,000 signatures.

Let’s make our voices heard!

Wattle Flat Power Fight
3 months ago