Should People with Disabilities be Eligible for JET Funding???

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Why are people with disabilities not eligible for JET FUNDING?
The legislation must be changed because, it's discriminatory to say people with disabilities and children who are studying cannot receive JET Funding just because they're not on a parenting payment.
Parents, on parenting payments, who study and place their child/children in daycare services are eligible for JET Funding and can apply. But, if you receive DSP, not PP, and have children in daycare services and study are not eligible simply because they have a disability.
This IS discrimination. 

Please, don't sign the petition just for me but, for all those single parents with disabilities that study to better their lives but need JET Funding to help minimise daycare costs.

The parents who don't have disabilities, who are eligible for JET Funding pay the extreme low rate of around $1 a day to $20 a day for their child/children in daycare services. Those with disabilities pay anything from $50 a day to $150 a week in daycare costs. THIS IS SO UNFAIR.


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