Stop Understaffing: Allow B.C.’s seniors care homes to hire qualified Canadian workers

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Seniors' care emergency looms in B.C. due to staff shortages

A news article published today in the Vancouver Sun highlights the recent experiences of Rustam Mann, a trained care aide from Toronto who received a job offer in the Okanagan, but hasn't started work yet due to B.C.'s onerous credential assessment process. Rustam says he wasn’t aware of the obstacles he would have to face to work in B.C. “I was absolutely amazed that I had to take two competency exams and pay over $1,400 to prepare for and get registered as a care aide in B.C. I found it extremely redundant that the study materials for the competency exams were exactly the same as what I used to get certified in Ontario,” Mann says. “I still fail to understand why anyone within Canada moving to B.C. would have to retake an exam they have already passed in another province. It would be just as absurd to ask someone to retake their driver’s license when they are already in good standing.” Media Coverage:  Read the full Vancouver Sun article here. Read about the Global News coverage here.

BC Care Providers Association
3 years ago