Australia: Declare a moratorium on hunting our native wildlife

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We’re calling for you, Mr Marshall, to declare a moratorium on hunting Australia’s native wildlife until the impacts of the 2019 bush fires have been determined.

At least 6 million hectares of habitat has been lost to the recent bush fires in Australia and along with it an estimated ½ - 1 billion animals as well as an unknown estimate of plants. The real extent of the damage is presently unknown. What we do know is that these bushfires are an ecological disaster and have destroyed habitat that is home to at least 250 different threatened species including the critically endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart that had less than an estimated 500 animals left before the fires. A further 24 species are listed as critically endangered and include plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. Surviving animals are facing food shortages, in many instances water is scarce, and a lack of vegetation cover especially for smaller mammals increases their risk of predation by feral foxes, dogs, pigs and cats.

Communities, many still suffering from the fires, have organized themselves and like- minded volunteers to deploy and maintain feeding and watering stations for their local wild life. Hunters seizing the chance for easy prey are taking aim further reducing numbers of our already depleted wildlife. Hunting licenses are regulated by The Department of Primary Industry.

We need your help. Please sign this petition calling for the Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales, The Hon Adam Marshall, to declare a moratorium on hunting our native wildlife in fire affected areas including all State Forests until the extent of the damage to our native animals and plants is known.