Australia: Declare a moratorium on hunting our native wildlife

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More pressure for our native wildlife

Dear supporters. A massive thank you for helping get this petition off the ground. Without you we would not even get past first base. There is a long way to go still for our wildlife especially given the news that the timber industry is lobbying to log the burnt timer from the forests. This will be another DISASTER for our wildlife. Twenty years of scientific research spanning hundreds of studies from Australia and around the world show that post-fire "salvage logging" is the most damaging form of logging in native forests whose impacts last for decades or centuries and seriously impair the recovery of animal, bird, insect, plant and fungi populations. Research has also shown that forests that are logged post-fire and then regenerated have increased risk of burning in high severity crown scorching fires. Mass movement of soils in areas logged post-burn can choke rivers and streams and trigger fish kills (Professor Lindenmayer, ANU School of Environment and Society - 29 January 2020). Please share this petition to as many people as you can. Let's create a critical mass of voices to declare a moratorium on hunting. There will be others working to prevent logging. Our native wildlife needs you and your action now. Thank you so much for standing together on this important issue.

Kelley Whitaker
1 year ago