Lightworkers Stand for Justice for Julien Assange

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There is much talk at the moment about Julien Assange who has recently been arrested and is now due to fight an extradition battle in the UK courts; for the USA wish to try him, for hacking and divulging state secrets, in America.

Julien Assange is a powerful lightworker who has stood against the might of America to expose the corruption, callousness and double dealing which is rife throughout governments worldwide who play for power and advantage at the cost of the common man.

For many years he has had to live in the shadows where he has continued his brave work at great cost to himself and his co-workers on the outside.

Today he faces a legal battle similar in tone to the famous tale of David and Goliath and therefore it is obligatory that all lightworkers heed the call to rally to his aid.

it is not my intention here to rake over the details of his case nor the accusations of rape which have been falsely levelled against him. Rather my intention is simply to highlight the need for solidarity against evil and, as such, I have started an online petition which I ask you to sign and share far and wide. For if the divine number of 144.000 lightworker signatures is reached the energies can align to save this man from a fate worse than death.

The petition:

Lightworkers Stand for Justice for Julien Assange. 

I ask that you please step aside from apathy and fight this fight against darkness with me...

With Love and Thanks for a better world for all.