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Petitioning The Home Secretary

Stricter laws on Exotic Pet Ownership in the UK

I am regularly appalled by the animals being sold as pets - primarily on the internet. Sugar Gliders, Monkeys, Otters, Meerkats the list goes on. Some of these animals are endangered and should never have been labelled with a price tag, however large. Others it is legal to keep but that got me thinking - shouldn't those animals be in the wild, as they were meant to be.

By that principle you could argue that no animal should be kept as a pet, but for animals who have been domesticated for generations and have little idea of how to fend for themselves, it is my belief that it is OK for us to keep them as pets. However to take an example a domesticated rabbit is very different from a wide one.

I am sure that many of us have greatly enjoyed seeing animals both in the wild and in zoos. But a zoo enclosure very different compared to a cage in a house, and the wild is almost a whole world away. Some owners when they buy these animals have little idea of what they are letting themselves in for, so this is unfair for both the animals and the owners alike.

It is time for the government to take notice of this issue, for them to do something decisive. To make laws and to uhold those laws strictly and effectively. But I can not do this by myself, I am simpley one voice and that is why I need your help. For 500 voices can be heard where one can not. So if anything that I have said has made any impact on you than please sign the petition, animals can not speak so we must speak for them.

Letter to
The Home Secretary
It has come to my attention recently that many animals which are classified as endangered and other exotic creatures are being sold as pets on the internet with little or no intervention. This is in my personal opinion and in the opinion of 500 others this trade in exotic animals is cruel and inhumane. I and 100s of others from around the world have put together this petition to demonstrate the strength of feeling which is connected with this issue and also to encourage the British Government to bring in more legislation on this issue.