End homelessness by making empty space available for shelters

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Antony Antoniou
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It is an utter disgrace in this day and age, that people should be forced to sleep in the streets, no matter who they are. Throughout the UK, there are millions of square feet of empty industrial/business space, mostly owned by Pension companies or investment companies, due to the way the tax system works. Yet, due the fact that it is not normally their own money sat there, these companies are happy to leave these units empty for years, waiting for the next victim who is prepared to sign up to the extortionate rents that they are demanding.

In the meantime, many of these units could used as emergency shelters, all they would need is showers and toilets, which could even be mobile and people without doubt, would be willing to donate, bedding, food, or whatever is necessary, many people would also volunteer, I'm sure.

What is needed as a starting point is a place where anyone who finds themselves homeless can head for, where they can shower, stay warm, eat, sleep and be safe. These emergency centres could also be a place where volunteers could offer support, counselling, advice with seeking employment and housing.

The simple fact that nothing is being done apart from random acts that are little more than token gestures, is a matter of national shame. We are inundated with request for donations from charities who are  to say the least, quite reserved about revealing where donations actually go, in many instances, less that 10% of donations actually make it to the intended recipients, the rest seems to vanish in 'expenses'

As I see it, it would not matter who wishes to arrive at a shelter to sleep, or eat or seek help, I doubt very much that anyone would want to seek refuge in a shelter, unless they really needed to.

The cost of this would actually be minimal and given the correct financial incentives, I am certain that corporations would be more than willing to make empty units available for a worthy cause, but they will not do it spontaneously, they would need a combination of stick and carrot, but it can be done.

The Next Step
It is with this in mind, that I have started a petition, to request that the Home Secretary takes action to encourage or even force corporations to make empty space available for use as shelters. 

Please sign the petition......Thank you