Stop Catherine's deportation

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Catherine, who is threatened with deportation to Nigeria, has studied and worked in the U.K. for almost 9 years. She has a masters degree in law and has already contributed much to British society and, as a taxpayer, to the economy.

Catherine is the primary carer for her disabled sister, Sandra, who, thanks to the treatment she receives from the NHS, is able to continue studying and has recently submitted a successful PhD proposal. This treatment would not be available to her in Nigeria. It is essential that Catherine can stay with her sister.

Catherine devotes all of her spare time and energy to voluntary work to for her local community in Salford, where she is much loved by the many whose lives are enriched by the care and concern she shows. She makes regular visits to help at the prison chaplaincy. She helps to distribute food parcels to those in need. She is also an active member of Salford Cathedral's community, where she sings in the choir, helps to provide hospitality to visitors and to create a safe, welcoming space for the young and vulnerable.

Sandra, who is also at risk of deportation, suffers from Sickle Cell disease with the added complication of Rheumatoid arthritis and other Sickle Cell complications. Catherine and Sandra have already lost two of their siblings to Sickle Cell disease, which the Nigerian healthcare system is not well-equipped to treat.  

With the additional complications from which Sandra suffers, she would be left incapacitated if she were to return to Nigeria.  While in the UK, she can study, work and contribute to the community.  Like Catherine, Sandra devotes much of her spare time to voluntary work and is an active member of Salford Cathedral's community. She provides hospitality by serving tea and coffee after Mass, charming everyone with her welcoming smiles and positive spirit despite her physical challenges.

Please sign our petition and help us keep these two inspirational sisters in this country.