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Petitioning House of Commons London Rt Hon Theresa May MP

The Home Office (London) Rt Hon Theresa May: Permanently dis band the US Extradition Treaty with the United Kingdom`

I am a UK Citizen. I personally got taken for over $80k US Dollars in a criminal court case in the USA where by I was wrong fully arrested charged and fined for some thing i did not even do. The out standing monies above are being filed with the UK Government to be recovered in full with interest excluding damages . web site viewing and complaint filed on . No UK citizen extradited to the United Sates Of America will ever receive a fair hearing and all if any allegations or charges made by the USA against any UK citizen in the UK  must and will be heard tried and justice to be served in the United Kingdom only . All extradition requests made by the USA that come to my knowledge I will personally share my experience with the parties involved and how i was treated by the United States Department of Justice. The claims by both the UK & USA Justice department that in fact the extradition treaty is fair and balanced are by all means delusional

Letter to
House of Commons London Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Permanently dis band cancel the US Extradition Treaty with the United Kingdom. All extradition requests made by the United States Of America to be set aside.