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I want the British home office to treat those who follows the rules better

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 There are 1000s of immigrants that come here legally and contribute to the British economy and follow all the rules and adopt our culture. 

My loving family are a product of this. 

However when applying for a visa or a renewal, and you meet all the criteria the application should take a maximum of 12 weeks. 

However there are too many law abiding citizens,  some of whom, have been there half their lives, who are left in limbo, with no warrented reason why.  I've seen cases take 12 months!! And everytime the person calls the helpline they get told just to raise a complaint as there is no reason why it's taking so long.  What are they doing just sitting on it? Why is it taking so long?  Why are they allowed to fall short of the application timescales by so long with no consequences?

This flaw in the system has broken families apart, caused people to lose jobs and end up relying on their partner.  This country prides itself on its ability to treat people fairly and respect their human rights. Well where are these people's human rights?  These people stuck in limbo month after month when all they want is to take care of their family and live a normal life.  They've worked, followed the rules, not overstayed, paid into the tax system and are still treated disgracefully.  

I call on the home office to treat these law abiding citizens with more respect and if it's taking longer than 12 weeks, tell them Why, give vaild reasons not excuses and if there are no vaild reasons give them thie r visa so they can work and take care of their kids and continue to contribute into the economy. 

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