I have had treatment for cancer and home office want to deport my partner

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In 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer .after being severely Ill for many years I thought I had been through the worst but I was wrong .being diagnosed ripped apart my entire family .MY partner was heartbroken he cried with me we prayed together he held my mum as she cried .I went through a gruelling operation a lumpectomy .the hospital sent me home one hour after waking .I lost the use of my right leg for 2 months after .MY partner carried me to the toilet and everyday tried to help me reuse my leg.he sat day and nights with me  as I screamed in pain .

In November I had radiotherapy I hit low points I wanted to die I could not take no more .MY partner was there every second he got me through .the burning the pain the fatigue I get and I still struggle to walk I have failing bladder and kidney I have hormone linked non cancerous fibroids he has become my carer .the love we have is so deep because we thought and still do think we could lose each other I pray daily for my cancer to not to ever come back and I fear if I died and he was not in UK.i cannot leave UK I am too sick and need too much medical care in the UK and my health is reliant on my partner .he has lived in UK long time with me 

I ask that article 8 and human rights compassionate grounds are considered. If I lose I face my life alone  risk dying without him if cancer returned .

I implore you to act with humanity on my case .